Saturday, June 30, 2012

Handmade in California

Just a little handmade gingham crop top that I threw together before work today. This week I plan on doing some serious hunting and getting some neat things sewn and put together.

Home grown denim

Here's another pair of jeans I am about to put on sale on ebay. The Earnest Sewn doesn't get nearly enough attention as a denim company as they deserve. They are an awesome privately owned company owned by the nicest French Canadian guy I've ever met(not to say that I've met to many of them). I don't think most people today really appreciate high quality products. Everything seems to be purchased based on who you're wearing, and whether or not the rest of the planet can tell hot expensive your jeans are by looking at the pocket design, when garments should be purchased based on what you're wearing. I hope that domestically produced and handmade products start getting the recognition they deserve.
Anyways, these are some uber soft light blue washed denim waist size 28

check them out here to bid! 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Repurposed paintings

So Anthropologie recently started selling a few miscellaneous items that are made out of custom painted oil on canvas pieces which have been reused as the material for the product. For example:
Here's a pretty little iPad case they are currently selling, and then this clutch is one of my favorites..

But they retail for hundreds of dollars and that's stupid.
So, working with an artist I know, hopefully we'll have our own way better less expensive version of this for sale soon.

For sale: The Earnest Sewn

I also picked up a great pair of barely used Earnest Sewn denim. This had become one of my favorite denim companies. All of their stuff is cut and sewn in the US of A and really is top-notch quality. The company focuses on creating denim similar to an old pair of Levi's, putting quality of work and materials at the forefront over branding and labeling. Made with Japanese denim and Cone denim. This pair is their Harlan cut for gals (a low rise skinny cigarette leg) with a 30 waist and some rad detailing. I hand dyed these puppies in my favorite RIT dye concoction to get this pretty lilac-ish color on top of the pre existing grey wash denim.  Bid here!

First post!

This is my first post here on my newly made blogspot! I'll post each time I have something new to show or something that is going on sale on my online store with a link to it. I'll start off with my project today:

Lucky Brand Men's 100% cotton button up oxford.

Found this one at a  little thrift store that benefits a local battered women shelter. I've had great luck there since I started going. All I did to this one was give it some stitching detail and changed the buttons, the ones it had were just terrible.