Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dye dye dye!

Just wanted to shoot a little tiny post in here to start off the weekend. I'll be posting a step by step (with photos!) of how best to dye the denim tomorrow also. I love the colorful denim I've seen in all the stores for summer and even fall. I just got a lovely pair of Earnest Sewn Harlan's in and amber-y color that I love, and it seems that everyone is debuting their jewel toned denim right now. Yesterday I realized that I still don't have a cute pair of summery colored shorts to wear for the remaining hot months here in California, so this morning I made some! 

What you'll need:

  • Your favorite RIT dye color (available in powder and liquid at most craft stores of Walmart)
  • Scissors 
  • A pair of old beat up Levi's, or whatever denim you can get your hands on 
  • a big space (i used my lawn) that you can get messy in and not worry about staining anything with your dye

Here's what you'll get:
Stay tuned for a step by step tomorrow!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Man Made DIY

Just something quick today that I thought was pretty neat. I recently started checking out this super inspiring blog called Man Made DIY after watching their video Bottlecap Blues where they show off some rad ways to open your beer bottle when you just can't find your bottle opener. 

Clearly they must be some pretty cool dudes.

But I was also intrigued by one of their more recent posts about a DIY Beer Tiki Torch, so I'm probably going to try and make it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Boozey summer/summer shirts

To piggyback on top of my last post with a little DIY quickie, I made this rad super sailor shirt for Vinnie out of one he found at a thrift shop in Orange, CA.

And this is my loser kitty Pokey 

Happy saturday meow

Boozey summer

Had a lovely afternoon yesterday after a long day at work. My boyfriend an I decided to spend the rest of the day outside enjoying the warm weather and extra hours of daylight, and what better way to do that than make some summery cocktails?! I decided to take half of a recipe I found in a magazine and mix it with the recipe for the amazing cucumber vodka gimlets Vinnie and I had at Bourbon & Branch in San Francisco this January.

Cucumber nectarine vodka collins:
1 part Crop Organic Cucumber Vodka
1 part seltzer water
1 wedge lemon, squeezed into the drink
few slices of fresh, ripe yellow nectarines
few slices fresh cucumber
ice cubes
cilantro spring for garnish


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Far out

Found a rad tank dress at the Sal and tye dyed it with some left over Teal and Purple RIT dye i got at Michael's ages ago. Sorry gals, this one's not for sale!

Peace out

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gingham gal

Summer is in full swing and what could be more fun than a gingham sundress? I found the material for this dress at a little thrift shop called Second Chance Thrift in Mammoth Lakes, California. While on the mountain for vacation I apparently needed to go shopping, and now I'm glad I did! It started out as a fairly terrible bag of a dress, so I did a little tailoring this afternoon and here we are with a cute fitted mini dress. Probably about 85% hand-sewn and would fit like a 2 in most dresses. (Bust: 32", Waist: 26", Hips: 34")

I also found the pictured vintage Dooney & Bourke tote at a rummage sale early last week. One of about a trillion in my collection. I hardly need more of these bags, but they're just so classic.

Right now I don't have either of these listed for sale on etsy or eBay, but if you're interested feel free to contact me by email!

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer daze

Rachel came over in her new crop and let me take a few photos so you guys can see how amazingly it hangs (definitely the best loose fitting top i've ever made). Had such a summery day in the 88 degree weather listening to surf music at the Bruery and tasting some craft brews

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Went the Salvation Army, just like every friday, with Rachel the other day for the 50% off sale and found some great summer stuff for myself and her as well. As usual, most things found at the Sal are seldom perfect, so I've started on some alterations today. I've decided to do before and after posts for neat things that I really like when I'm done with them, and this is one of them! Rachel found this mumsy old top with a cute pattern, so I made it into a flowy summer crop for her.



Got rid of the weird layering and cropped it at the bottom!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Pendleton wool

Pendleton is another one of my favorite domestically produced clothing companies. Not only have they been around forever but they make some really neat and durable stuff. I would die to have one of their patterned wool blankets or scarves. Anyways I made some great cutoffs out of a thrifted pair of Levi's 511s and took apart an old, damaged Pendleton blazer and used it as a detail panel on the back of the shorts.

Later a friend at work tld me that she went to Nordstrom and Free People started making an identical pair of these. Psh, what a rip off.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Boat shoe revival

Boat shoes and nautical stuff seem to be the "big thing" right now, and besides Sebago and a few more, Sperry Top-Siders seem to be at the epicenter. Hey, who doesn't love an old American tradition like a good ol' pair of boat shoes?

Women's size 9.5 worn once

check em out~