Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gingham gal

Summer is in full swing and what could be more fun than a gingham sundress? I found the material for this dress at a little thrift shop called Second Chance Thrift in Mammoth Lakes, California. While on the mountain for vacation I apparently needed to go shopping, and now I'm glad I did! It started out as a fairly terrible bag of a dress, so I did a little tailoring this afternoon and here we are with a cute fitted mini dress. Probably about 85% hand-sewn and would fit like a 2 in most dresses. (Bust: 32", Waist: 26", Hips: 34")

I also found the pictured vintage Dooney & Bourke tote at a rummage sale early last week. One of about a trillion in my collection. I hardly need more of these bags, but they're just so classic.

Right now I don't have either of these listed for sale on etsy or eBay, but if you're interested feel free to contact me by email!

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