Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mason jar wall planter

This initially started out as an idea to make a kitchen herb garden for my window sill. Unfortunately, my current kitchen window gets no sun and there's just no room for it to fit. But in 6 months when I move into my own place I promise I'll show you all my little herb window garden. Until then, I decided to make and outdoor wall planter! It's relatively easy to make, but if you don't trust yourself, I'll probably have some variation of this on sale on the Repurposed Remade Etsy store soon.

What you'll need:
  • mason jars of any shape of size
  • plants and potting soil (i chose succulents because I can't kill them)
  • a wood plank of some sort (I salvaged mine from an old Pier 1 wine rack from the Salvation Army)
  • short screws to mount the jars
  • long screws to mount the planter as a whole
  • pipe clamps
  • power drill
  • flat and phillips head screwdrivers
  • somewhere to mount your planter!

First off, you'll want to take apart whatever structure you have (if necessary) to get your wood board.

Next you need to drill holes in the back of your pipe clamps so that you can screw them into your board. Before you screw them into the wood, you'll have to drill holes slightly smaller than the size of your screws in the wood where you want the pipe clamps to be fixed.

Once both pipe clamps are attached to the wood, the planted can be screwed into the wall. To do this, drill holes through your wood (once again slightly smaller than your screw) and do the same on the wall space where you'd like your planter to hang. Use your long screws to attach the planter to the wall.

Finally the fun part! Now you can plant your little pants in the mason jars. I chose some lovely multicolored succulents for mine.

Use the flathead screwdriver to tighten your pipe clamps around the mason jars so that they stay in place on the planter.

Now you have a pretty new planter :)


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  2. That is a great idea, Thanks for sharing. I am also looking for copper wall planter. Would those be expensive?

  3. This is a great idea. I've been wanting to make some copper wall planters that look similar to your wall planters but replace the jars with copper pots. Your wall planter looks great.

  4. Wonderful idea. Has a great organic look to it as well. Do pipe clamps also come in copper? Again, excellent wall planters.

  5. Thanks for the post. Do you happen to know where I can find some copper wall planters? I am redoing my moms backyard and I think they would look great at her house. Thanks so much.

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