Wednesday, August 15, 2012

American workwear

Since I have been working like a dog and can't post any DIY until the weekend, I've been inspired to make a post about old American workwear. Who doesn't love a little bit of Americana? The early american workforce is a fascinating bunch. Train conductors, fisherman(real fisherman, like the deadliest catch before technology), mechanics, professions involving overalls...old traditions that are hard to come by today. Just the bare essentials in a piece of clothing that's well made, functional, and will last you forever. 

Being the shopaholics we are, my coworker Sean and I spent about 90% of our shift today browsing the sale section on Opening Ceremony. There we stumbled upon a company that I haven't heard of before called Confezioni Crosby, a New York based brand that is actually made in the USA and in collaboration with an old manufacturer of professional uniforms and workwear! You can read more about their story here since I've pretty much skimmed through what they're all about. Anyhow I just wanted to post a link and some photos of some awesome classy stuff that OC has to offer, at a reasonable price. I'd wear all of it every day, so lovely! Check it out.


  1. Pilots? Hot damn.

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