Saturday, August 25, 2012

Head wrap chain

Today I was inspired to make one of those chain head wrap things that are all over lookbook and stuff. I thought about buying one on etsy, but it just looked so easy to make, and I didn't want to pay $25 for a pretty one.

What you'll need:
  • old necklace or bracelet chains, just get some from around the house
  • any charms, stones, or decos you'd like to add
  • pliers
  • tweezers
  • wire cutters
  • metal chain links/jewelry links (Joanne's and Michael's carry them)

First you'll want to gather all your supplies and decide on a design for the head piece. I took some inspiration from etsy and mixed it with some ideas of my own. Decide how many chains you'll use and plan out the overall construction. At minimum you'll need at least three chains: one to go over the crown of your head, and one to drape down either side of your head (they will all be connected in the back by a jewelry circle link)

Then start putting it together!

I ended up using 5 chains total. One for the crown piece and the i double draped chain on either side of my head. I used a turquoise stone as a connector for all the chains, meeting in the center of my forehead. The whole things took me about 20 minutes, enjoy!

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