Friday, August 3, 2012

How to: dye some dungarees

So I know I totally didn't post this when I said I would, so I'm doing it now since I will be sitting in my room all day watching bad tv on some super dose benedryl from the doc for my spider bites. Thanks to some random allergy my hand is the size of and over mitt. Anyways, here's some tips on how to dye your cut offs!

First of all you'll need all the supplies I mentioned last time.

Then boil a pretty big pot of water (you'll want to be able to submerge the shorts in it)and put it into a bucket. Depending on which type of dye you use, powder of liquid, how much of the dye you add might be a bit different. I usually use about half the bottle of liquid for a pair of denim shorts. I only had black dye handy after using my teal bottle so that's what I used for this pair. 

Submerge the pants in the hot water and stir periodically for as long as you'd like. For softer pastel tones, leave the shorts in for a shorter period of time (and use a lighter wash denim!)and for darker tones let them soak for the recommended about of time or a bit longer. You can always get creative and try a dip dye as well(this also looks neat if you dip the denim in bleach instead of dye)or even a half and half with two different RIT dyes!
After all this you'll want to rinse the shirts in the sink until the water starts to run clear, just like when you dye your hair. This is when I would add any distressing details or holes to the shorts since it will make the distressing look more natural when you dry them.
Then viola! A finished product.

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