Monday, August 6, 2012

So I know I've posted about before, but they just have such neat stuff. So here's their most recently featured list: 10 Easy-to-Remember Classic Cocktail Recipes that Every Man Should Know . They give you their top ten accompanied by links to their corresponding DIY recipes!

I pretty much agree with their list, but I'd make a few changes

1. The martini (I've never actually had one but I always look at them on the drink menu when I'm out and think about getting one, so I'm gonna keep it on the list)
2. Mint julep (I'm moving this up to number two because I like them)
3. Tom Collins (also a vodka Collins is good)
4. Manhattan (yum)
5. The gimlet (especially if it's a cucumber gimlet)
6. Greyhound / salty dog (moving this up because I love grapefruit juice)
7. Irish coffee (if you can make something that tastes even sort of similar to the Irish coffees at the buena vista in sf you are extremely talented)
8. Old fashioned (agree)
9. Sidecar (agree)
10. I think everyone should have a drink they made up themselves, so I'll leave that as number ten

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