Monday, September 24, 2012

Facebook Fan/Tumblr Follower Giveaway!

First off….congrats to Emily Johnson, the winner of our last giveaway! The lovely Emily won a vintage gold accent floral ceramic necklace (which sadly will not be pictured) and a pair of T.U.K. black leather creepers! 

This week, starting today, we are kicking off another giveaway in collaboration with Repurposed Remade Vintage! The rules will stay the same: when you follow us on tumblr, reblog us on tumblr, like the facebook page, follow our blogspot or RR’s blogspot, or recommend the facebook page to a friend, your name will be added to the raffle. So, you have multiple opportunities to get your name added for a chance to win! The prize (or prizes) could be anything from vintage bags, shoes, clothes, or DIY items! Guys and girls alike are encouraged to enter. Good luck, the winner will be announced on Friday evening at 6pm Pacific Time! 

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