Saturday, September 22, 2012


Letter from the editor

Begrudgingly, I have decided to join the dark side. DIYDS will now be posting on Tumblr. In the interest of my blog I have decided to expand to another website in addition to blogspot! All the posts on each site will be the same for the most part, this is just to make it more convenient for those of you who do chose to use Tumblr and would like to be able to follow us there. Also, it seems like the best way to get the word out about DIYDS and the Repurposed Remade Vintage boutique.

For now, the tumblr is basically just cycling through our previous posts from here on blogspot. So for the next few days the queue will be periodically posting all our old DIYs.

Click through to follow DIYDS on Tumblr!

Don't worry! We're not leaving Blogspot! This will still be updated as frequently as the Tumblr to don't feel the need to check there, it's purely up to you all.


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