Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Homemade Deep Conditioner

This week I’m trying to brace myself to bleach my hair. I used to have lovely white blonde hair that I could dye pretty colors, but since it was incorrectly bleached and re bleached so many times it was just terribly damaged. So I let it grow out and then hacked it all off again so i’ve sort of started anew. Still, I thought it wise to give it a little extra nourishment before I bleached it again. I’m sure there a billion other girls out there with gross damaged hair who can’t afford an outrageously priced conditioner, so listen up.

What you’ll need:
  • one over ripe avocado
  • half cup honey
  • third cup extra virgin olive oil

All you need to do is mix it all together and smush it until it's creamy and slap the nastyness on your head. It smells a little funky but try to deal with it for 15-20 mins.

Focus the majority of the mixture on the ends, your roots tend to be healthier and not require as much moisture. Once you’re ready to rinse, use a mild shampoo (make sure to really lather your roots to prevent them from getting overly greasy or oily) and warm water then condition like you normally would. 

Hopefully you’re hair won’t feel like a broom anymore. Mine’s nice and silky for now :)

please don’t try to eat this. It’s not food. If you do, don’t email me and blame me because you did something dumb and it made you puke.

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